Piles of Perplexing Code?! Code smells? Learn how to apply curative refactorings on the next Watch Party 📺

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Hi, friend! 👋

This Saturday we are going to watch Get a Whiff of This by Sandi Metz!

Most code is a mess. Most new requirements change existing code. Ergo, much our work involves altering imperfect code.
That’s the bad news.
The good news is that every big mess consists of many small ones. Certain small problems occur so frequently that they’ve been given names, and are collectively known as “Code Smells”.
This talk shows how to take a pile of perplexing code, identify the “smells”, and surgically apply the curative refactorings. It breaks a messy problem into clear-cut pieces, and proves that you can fix anything without being forced to understand everything.
-- Sandi Metz

Every 4 weeks (on a Saturday morning) we get together for a Watch Party: a scheduled time every month for you to improve your software development skills by watching technical talks with other Ruby developers.

We use MeetButter to host these sessions and it’s super fun 🥳

How to join the Watch Party 🎉

When: November 27th, at 11 am Pacific Time (in your timezone)

Where: Online at MeetButter

How: When it's time, join the event and click on Knock. We'll let you in. Grab pen and paper to take some notes!

Please use Chrome or Edge. We recommend downloading the Butter app, if possible.

Speaking of technical talks…

Stefanni's talk, Perceptual Learning == More Ruby Experts? was presented at RubyConf2021 and the recording is live - watch it here!

Here's a quick description:

"What does it mean to be an expert? How do humans develop experts skills? What is the difference between being an experienced developer and an expert developer? To answer these questions, let's learn from the latest research on the Science of Pxpertise and Perceptual Learning, and PL techniques to help you become a Ruby expert."

See you on this Saturday's Watch Party!

- Stefanni and Thiago


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